Imagine the freedom to love your food….. easily……without worry or guilt.

The Mindful Slimmers audio program teaches you how to eat mindfully. And it puts you back in touch with the signals your body gives you about hunger + fullness.

Clinical hypnosis is combined with coaching in mindful lifestyle habits. Bringing you back to a healthy weight, where you can remain.

Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting
and get the figure that should always have been yours.


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Learn how to manage your mind…

…and so to manage your weight and to be FREE at last.


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That’s Mindful Slimmers for you

It’s slimming done differently

Manage your mind, manage your weight, manage your life.

Are you tired of the effort it takes to lose weight? And frustrated by the way it piles on again as soon as you come off your ‘diet’?

Did you know that 80 -90% of people who lose weight on a diet start to regain within 6 months and sooner or later regain all the lost weight? That’s because permanent weight loss success doesn’t come from a diet, but from changing the way you think, feel and behave around food.

The Mindful Slimmers 4 week mind training audio program gets you the mindset that will maintain a healthy weight without counting calories or points, or excluding the foods you love.

Start now – and hardwire the eating habits that will get you to your healthy weight.