Mindful Weight Loss Affirmations to support weightloss

This is what you need now if you have been listening to the Theme 1 audios of the programme. If you haven’t already started the programme – listen here to find out what it’s all about.

You are what you think and repeatedly do

– but you can change that.  By regularly repeating these affirmations, you will consolidate the hypnotic weightloss suggestions in the mind training audio (which, if you are on the programme,  are already working away on your sub-conscious mind)

Start by choosing the weightloss affirmations that will make the most difference to you

…. and feel free to shout them out from the rooftops if you like!!
Or – try repeating them quietly in your mind at a time of day that works for you
e.g. before you get up, before meal times, or whenever you get a bit of peace.

It works because you are firing up new neural pathways to help with your weightloss by overriding the old unwanted habits.

So here’s what you’re focusing on

and remember – this is how slim and healthy people think:

• I always listen to my body
• My appetite tells me when to eat
• My Settling Point tells me when to stop eating
• I’m fine about leaving food on my plate
• I’m fine about saying No Thanks
• I really enjoy my food
• I take time to enjoy my food
• I never feel pointless guilt about what I eat
• Even if I get it wrong at times, I know I’ll get back on track
• I find cool water so refreshing
• I avoid sugar in drinks
• I just ignore eating triggers if I’m not hungry
• I’ll never bother with a ‘diet’ again
• ‘yo yo’ dieting is in the past for me
• I’m the one in control of my eating habits now
• I’m curious to discover my natural healthy weight
• My relationship with food is already changing
• I’m thinking myself slim!!!

Ps It’ll work even better if you can repeat the weightloss affirmations when you are already feeling good – so go ahead – be as determined, happy, excited, chilled, calm, silly, funny, exhilarated, even stubborn – as you like.

Have a Mindful Day – don’t forget to be fully aware.
ps If you need help conjuring up good feelings – ask me about ‘Anchoring’.